About MRC

The Microgrid Resources Coalition

The Microgrid Resources Coalition (MRC) is a consortium of leading microgrid owners, operators, developers, suppliers, and investors. Since 2013, MRC has advanced microgrids, through advocacy and education, to provide a level playing field for their deployment and operation.

The MRC is a national association of leading microgrid owners, operators, developers, suppliers, and investors seeking to advance microgrids through education, policy advocacy and market development activities that ensure market access, fair compensation for services, and a level playing field for deployment and operations.

Throughout all stakeholder engagement activities, the MRC endeavors to remain neutral as to the technology deployed in microgrids and the ownership of the assets that form a microgrid.

The MRC’s members are actively engaged in developing microgrids in various regions of the United States. MRC members have deployed sophisticated microgrids over an extended period of time (some for over 30 years) and are at the cutting edge of microgrid technology and development.

MRC generally supports disaggregated, fair pricing for well-defined services both from the grid to microgrids as well as from microgrids to the grid.

The MRC promotes community-based resilience standards and supports utilities that are working toward new business models that value resilient distributed resources. The MRC is committed to the empowerment of energy customers and communities.