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The Microgrid Resources Coalition (MRC) is a consortium of leading microgrid owners, operators, developers, suppliers, and investors. Since 2013, MRC has advanced microgrids, through advocacy and education, to provide a level playing field for their deployment and operation. We promote community-based resilience standards, and support utilities working toward new business models that value resilient distributed resources and empower their customers.

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  • Powerful advocacy and influence
  • Prioritize policy and regulatory efforts
  • Participate in working groups focused on specific areas of microgrid deployment
  • Opportunities for thought leadership
  • Combine and leverage resources
  • Connections to leaders in the microgrid community
  • Sharing and developing best practices

What have we been up to?

  • Submitted comments to FERC on Grid Reliability, Resiliency, and DER Aggregation
  • Submitted comments in state PUC Proceedings in NY, CA, MD, DC, MA, PA, NJ, HI, and Puerto Rico
  • Submitted comments on FERC’s NOPR regarding energy storage and distributed generation
  • Convened microgrid industry experts for the “Energy Planning for Resilient Military Installations” workshop at National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC
  • Influenced development of microgrid-specific tariff proposals in California and Hawaii
  • Introduced policy proposals in California legislature and advocated for microgrid incentives for economic justice
  • Conference Hosted 8th Microgrid Workshop at 2021 IDEA Campus Energy Conference


New legislative proposals and regulatory dockets that are specifically related to microgrids will provide direct opportunities to address all of MRC’s priorities.

Grid modernization and energy market evolution

Support policies and incentives to build out the grid of the future and provide opportunities for customers and communities to participate in shaping the grid of the future.


Educate regulators, governments, and the public about the real sources of energy resiliency and what this means for communities, their leaders and constituents, economic development, societal continuity, and community sustainability.

Eliminating regulatory barriers

Look for opportunities to expand the rights of customers and communities to self-generate, to purchase electricity from third parties behind the meter, to access wholesale markets and provide grid services, and to create or participate in community energy solutions.

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